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It's important you're aware of the many new scams around at the moment. You are able to report any text or email you receive by forwarding them to

Please visit Citizens advice for more information


We are receiving reports and a resurgence of cold calling and postcards through letterboxes.

These people are offering to help with garden and house maintenance jobs as well as roof cleaning and tree felling.

PLEASE do not agree to anything on your doorstep or by calling these numbers. USE only reputable, known and trusted tradesmen

Health-based scams might contain scientific terms like team to investigate! " title="Health Scams" />

Health-based scams might contain scientific terms like "glucose metabolism" or "thermogenesis". This jargon is used to mislead or confuse consumers. It could be a scam – send it to the Friends Against Scams team to investigate!

Last updated: Mon, 13 Mar 2023 13:35