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Future Asset Transfers

In June 2021 Duston Parish Council agreed to adopt the footpath and 3 street lights that runs between Alfred Knight Close, Timken Way South, Main Road. Also agreed was the right of way vehicle access known as Rose Villa.

Duston Parish Council has submitted an interest to West Northamptonshire Council to eventually take the freehold of Aquitaine Close Open Space, Bants Lane Allotment Gardens, Berrywood Road Allotment Gardens, Bramhall Rise POS, Brockwood Close POS, Clipston Way POS, Duston Wildes Open Space, Hardlands Road POS, Newton Road POS, Sandly Lane & Alsace Close Open Space, The Green Open Space, Weggs Farm Road, Sandly Lane Open Space, "The Rose Garden", Westbury Close Open Space, Haydown Green, Triumph Gardens Park, Beaune Close POS, Cheddar Close Open Space.

Last updated: Thu, 01 Jun 2023 12:04