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Pumpkin Trail Poster

Pumpkin Trail Poster

Come and join us for a HALLOWEEN WANDERLAND

Let's do Halloween Covid-19 style…

We know things have to be a bit different this year, and we can't go and knock on doors to ask for a Trick or Treat…So let's do this instead and all get involved.

Rules are simple…..

EVERYONE - Print off and colour in the poster above and stick it in your window – just like the rainbows we did to support the NHS..…. You can also decorate your home with traditional pumpkins as well if you like.

CHILDREN – Dress up and hunt around your area for the posters – how many can you spot?

PARENTS/CARERS – Dish out a treat/sweet/trick for each pumpkin, poster or decorated house that you see! Your rules – You decide

We would love to see your coloured designs, and/or pictures of your decorated houses. Please send them to

Last updated: Mon, 27 Sep 2021 16:30