Connecting the Community


We are delighted to be working with local volunteers to set up a dedicated Duston Good Neighbour Scheme (DGNS) for Duston residents.

This scheme will consolidate and continue the brilliant work that has been done by the Duston Covid Mutual Aid Group during the pandemic to help and support local residents through an unprecedented and difficult year.

The DGNS will provide an opportunity for all to help or be helped. This page will be updated regularly as we progress through the various stages of setting up the scheme so please keep checking in.

We are looking for local, enthusiastic volunteers to join us in the following capacities; there is no obligation and you are in total control of how much or how little you wish to do at all times. Below is a basic outline of a GNS; please message us for a questionnaire or more info on any of the roles listed if you think you would like to get involved. We would also love to hear form existing volunteers if you wish to continue your support.

We currently have all our policies in place ready to be adopted and a bank account so that we can begin applying for funding.

We use the expertise and support of Northants ACRE who have successfully helped bring many Good Neighbour Schemes to fruition across the county.

You can contact Alison Grantham

Who do we need?

  • An enthusiastic central co-ordinator who will be responsible for overseeing the DGNS
  • General volunteers to provide support

What are the key features of a GNS?

  • A scheme dedicated to supporting local residents to maintain a good quality of life
  • Signposting to local, regional and national help & support
  • Strength in numbers; everyone working together for the benefit of all
  • An opportunity to help your local community
  • Wide reaching benefits for clients/volunteers/service providers

What kinds of things can volunteers offer/residents get support with?

  • Befriending/telephone support
  • Help with form filling
  • Dog walking/Pet care
  • Food Bank donations
  • Transport to appointments
  • Shopping/prescription collection
  • Signposting to agencies/services
  • Organised activities/trips/outings

Last updated: Wed, 11 May 2022 13:48