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Brief History

Duston Parish Council came into existence on 1st April 1991 by Statutory Instrument Northampton (Parishes) Order 1991.

From April 1991 to March 2021 Duston was served by three tiers of Local Government - the Parish Council, Northampton Borough Council & Northamptonshire County Council. Since April 2021 Duston has been served by the Parish Council & West Northamptonshire Council.

From 1965 to 2021 the Mayor of Northampton & it's civic coat of arms covered Duston. This all now belongs exclusively to our neighbour, Northampton Town Council. Bants Lane and Harlestone Road is the boundary between Northampton Town and Duston Civil Parish.

  • The Northampton (Parishes) Order 1991 (PDF, 389 Kb)

    The Northampton (Parishes) Order 1991 brought the present day Duston Parish Council into legal being. Previously, there was a Duston Parish Council up until 1965 when it was abolished by Government with Duston being absorbed into the County Borough of Northampton.

  • Inaugural Meeting (PDF, 686 Kb)

    Inaugural Meeting of Duston Parish Council May 1991


Local Government Act 1888 – established Northamptonshire County Council

Local Government Act 1894 – established Northampton Rural District Council and Duston Parish Council. The Act created civil parishes in rural areas which took on the secular functions of the local Vestry Committee.

Northampton Order 1965 (SI 1965, No 250) – moved Duston from Northampton Rural District Council and Northamptonshire County Council and into the County Borough of Northampton. Abolished Duston Parish Council.

Local Government Act 1972 – abolished the County Borough of Northampton. Established a new Northampton Borough Council. Northamptonshire County Council coved Duston again and now the whole of Northampton.

Statutory Instrument Northampton (Parishes) Order 1991 – created a new and the present day Duston Parish Council. Came into force 1st April 1991.

Northamptonshire (Structural Changes) Order 2020 – abolished both Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire County Council. Created a single tier West Northamptonshire Council. Duston Parish Council stays the same.

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