Connecting the Community

Other information we are required to publish under the Local Government Transparency Code 2015:

Social Housing Assets - Duston Parish Council does not have any social housing stock.

Grants to Community Groups - Details of all grants paid to voluntary, community and social enterprise groups can be found in the agenda reports and minutes.

Trade Union Facility Time - None.

Parking - Duston Community Centre has 7 parking spaces. Duston Sports Centre has 41 standard spaces, 4 Disabled spaces and 43 Overflow. St Luke's Centre has 28 Spaces and 3 Disabled Spaces. Errington Park has 24 normal bays and 3 disabled. Duston Parish Council does not have a parking account.

Senior Salaries - no employee is earning in excess of £50,000.

Pay Multiple - the pay multiple as of 31/03/2023 (based on full time equivalent) is 1.84:1

Fraud - Duston Parish Council does not handle fraud enquiries.

Government Procurement Card Transactions - Duston Parish Council does not use a GPC.

Last updated: Wed, 24 May 2023 15:46