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Duston In Bloom 2018

Picture of winners holding their certificate

The Grow Together Allotment

2018 Gold Medal Winners!

Well done Jenny & the volunteers

Picture of the gold medal winners

Duston Parish Council

Bloom 2018 Gold Medal Winners

Many thanks to everyone that got involved

Bloom 2018....the story

Following on from their success last year, The Grow Together Allotment entered Northampton in Bloom.

This was a great opportunity for everyone to get involved to make where we live even better. Whether that was litter picking, having a community tidy up, showcasing your own front garden or getting involved in one of Duston Parish Council's planting all counted.

Picture of winners

2017 Winners!

Tulip bed

Hopping Hill School 16th May

We were delighted that children from year 4 at Hopping Hill School joined us to sow wild flower seeds on the St Luke's Field. This was a great example of community engagement and helped Duston Parish Council kick off our Northampton in Bloom bid.

Special thanks to Mrs Cronin and Mrs Killick for their help and enthusiasm and very well done to all the children who made such a great job of it

Children with a wheelbarrow
A plot of bare soil
Wild flowers in the hedgerow

Squirrels Childcare 24th May

Children from Squirrels Childcare made a lovely job of the barrel planters at Duston Community Centre. They chose red, white and blue to fit in with the WW1 Centenary theme as part of our bid for Northampton in Bloom 2018.

Thank you to Melissa Swain, Squirrels Childcare owner, and all the children that took part and did such a lovely job

Children potting plants

Duston Art Group

Thank you to the wonderful members of Duston Art Group who have been painting nature themed rocks as part of our Northampton in Bloom bid. They had great fun painting them in the spirit of the 'Love on the Rocks Duston' craze that is generating hours of free, outdoor fun for the whole community.

Painted stones

Young people from our Duston Youth Club will hide the rocks around the village during June so you can all have fun looking for them

Caring Kindergartens

The children at Caring Kindergartens made a great job of planting up the bed on St Luke's bank. Thank you to all of them and to Jacqui and Darren for their enthusiasm

Flower bed

Duston Youth Group

Look at this fantastic, super-sized bug habitat made by our young people. The critters around Duston will have a great time!

A bug habitat made from old pallets

Resident's Garden, Darwin Walk

Having noticed our plea to get involved with Bloom 2018, this local resident was proud to show us her beautiful garden - and rightly so. If any more green-fingered residents out there want to join in, please get in touch

Flower bed
Flower bed

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