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Latest News

Formal consultation on proposed Town Council for Northampton

Posted: Tue, 15 Oct 2019 12:16 by Gary Youens

Northampton Borough Council is consulting with the public over proposals for a Town Council to cover some parts or all of the existing borough.

Three options were put forward in spring this year and these have been shortlisted to two as a result of feedback received from an earlier phase of engagement. More »

The two options are laid out in a supporting document which anyone wishing to respond should read first. There is also a link to the questionnaire.

Anyone can respond to the consultation and market research firm Opinion Research Services is also conducting a residents' telephone survey.

Paper copies of the consultation document and questionnaire are also available in Northampton Borough Council's One-stop Shop, Northampton Central Library and at One Angel Square.

Full details can be found at https://www.northampton.gov.uk/ntcconsultation and the consultation will run until midnight on Friday 8 November. » Less

Helping to Protect Residents Against Burglary

Posted: Mon, 14 Oct 2019 10:09 by Alison Grantham

A special week of action focusing on burglary is being held across Northampton at the end of this month, to coincide with the clocks going back on Sunday, October 27.

The Northampton Neighbourhood Policing Team will be joining colleagues from the town's community safety partnership to help raise awareness of how residents can protect themselves from burglary. More »

Between October 21 and 25, the community officers will be setting up their mobile police station to provide a central information point for local residents to speak to members of the partnership as well as pick up crime prevention advice.

In addition, leaflet drops will take place in each area to provide residents with tips and hints on how to protect themselves and their property, and environmental works such as cutting foliage to reduce opportunities to conceal burglaries.

Sergeant Rebecca Izzard, of the Northampton Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "One of the most effective ways of reducing burglaries within our communities is providing residents with the right tools and information to help them protect their homes. This week of action will enable us to do just that.

"By setting up a mobile police station in the heart of the community, we are giving residents the opportunity to come along and speak to us, or one of our community safety partners, about any concerns they may have about where they live.

"We know that not all residents will be able to visit us on the day, so in addition to the pop-up station, we will also be carrying out a letter drop to ensure everyone receives information on how to protect their homes."

The week of action starts in the St Crispins ward on Monday, October 21, before moving to St James (October 22), Castle (October 23), Delapre (October 24) and finishing in Far Cotton on Friday, October 25.

Councillor Anna King, Cabinet member for community engagement and safety, said: "Darker evenings can make people feel less safe as well as provide opportunists with the ideal camouflage to burgle property. That is why we are working with Northamptonshire Police this October to provide vital hints and tips to help protect residents against crime.

"Just small actions, such as locking your door and windows, even if you are in the house, keeping valuables out of plain sight and security marking your property, all help to keep people and property safe."

The initiative is part of Operation Crooked, Northamptonshire Police's campaign to reduce burglary - a top priority for the Force. As part of the operation, the Burglary Team, which sits within CID, ensures every burglary victim in Northamptonshire is guaranteed a visit from the police.

They are also working to review and drive up the quality of investigations, manage and progress forensic hits, hunt down wanted people, organise police patrols in areas of concern and gather intelligence to prevent burglaries before they happen.

Detective Sergeant Terry Rush, from Northamptonshire Police's Burglary Team, added: "Darkness really is a burglar's best friend and every year, we see a spike in the number of burglaries committed during the winter months.

"Most burglars look for a soft target such as homes without lights on which look unoccupied. By leaving a light on while you're out, especially using a timer, you really will reduce your chances of being burgled.

"Operation Crooked aims to make Northamptonshire a hostile environment for burglars and we hope that the public follow our advice and help us to make sure that there are no easy pickings for burglars in this county."

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Dangers of carrying knives to be highlighted on ambulances

Posted: Fri, 11 Oct 2019 16:42 by Gary Youens

The dangers of carrying knives will be highlighted on the sides of ambulances as part of the ongoing 'Save Lives No Knives' awareness campaign.

Posters are being installed on the sides of twelve East Midlands Ambulance Service vehicles over the next couple of weeks with the aim of deterring young people from carrying knives. More »

Two key messages will be promoted on posters which will be featured on sides of the ambulances. One of the messages highlights the damaged caused by different stab wound depths and the other focusing on blood loss statistics.

The 'Save Lives No Knives' campaign was launched in August 2018 by the Northampton Community Safety Partnership, which includes organisations such as Northampton Borough Council, East Midlands Ambulance Service, Northamptonshire Police, Free2Talk, the University of Northampton and Northampton Youth Offending Service.

A set of hard-hitting messages have been rolled out via materials and an education programme, to primary schools in Northampton primary schools, as well as during bi-annual school safety awareness conferences at The Deco.
The campaign received further support from the Home Office's Trusted Relationship Fund which has enabled youth services to be set up in key locations in the town, allowing for early intervention and prevention work.

Councillor Anna King, Cabinet member for community engagement and safety, said: "It has been great working with East Midlands Ambulance Service to find more ways to increase the visibility of the 'Save Lives No Knives' campaign in and around Northampton.

"The 12 ambulances will be fitted out with the campaign posters by 18 October and we hope they add to our ongoing efforts to create safer and more resilient communities in Northampton."

Lee Brentnall Ambulance Operations Manager for East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: "We have formed a strong partnership with our partner agencies to play our part in reducing knife crime. The stickers on vehicles highlight some facts about blood loss and depth of stab wound, and importantly links to Fearless.org, a charity that young people can access for help and support"

Superintendent Dennis Murray from Northamptonshire Police said:"Northamptonshire Police fully support further exposure of this excellent campaign to help deter young people from carrying knives.

"Contrary to what too many young people believe, carrying a knife does not protect you - it can ruin your life forever and there is never a good reason to carry one.

"We will continue to work relentlessly to challenge and prevent violence and to keep our young people and communities safe.

"Members of the public also have a vital role to play. Anybody with information about somebody in their community they think may carry a knife should get in touch with us so we can act upon any intelligence we receive.

"Anyone who has any information about suspicious behaviour in their area or information about people carrying knives is urged to contact the police on 101." » Less