Follow the guidelines and stay at home!

  • The Grow Together Allotment

    The Grow Together Allotment

    We have temporarily suspended volunteer dates to ensure the safety of all. We look forward to you joining us again soon

  • Bloom 2020

    Bloom 2020

    We have had to temporarily suspend our Bloom plans but rest assured, we will be back out there as soon as we can

  • Duston Community Centre Café

    Duston Community Centre Café

    GJ on the Square is currently closed in line with Covid-19 advice.

We are all being affected by the latest COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to keep you connected. At Duston Parish Council we are concentrating our efforts in a bid to support local residents in need at this most difficult time and to help the vulnerable who are alone or in self isolation. Please click here to view the full letter to our residents.

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Covid-19 Update from Assistant Chief Constable Simon Blatchly

Posted: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 14:26 by Sarah Percival

Police forces in the UK have a relationship with the public that is the envy of the world and we would always rather work with the public than against them."

These are the words of a senior police officer at Northamptonshire Police as no COVID-19-related fines were issued by police officers across the county over the weekend period. More »

Assistant Chief Constable Simon Blatchly, said: "Firstly, I would like to thank the public in Northamptonshire who have sent a clear message over the weekend that they want to save lives and work with us and the government by staying at home.

"We police by consent in this country and we have a relationship with the public in the UK that truly is the envy of the world. We engage, we listen, and we educate, and we would always rather work with the public than against them.

"We have been given powers that in all honesty, we would not normally wish to have. However, extraordinary times often call for extraordinary measures.

"That being said, we want to ensure that we continue to hold respect at the heart of everything we do and that a dialogue between the police and our communities continues to exist.

"Where our police officers and PCSOs have come across people outside over the weekend period, they've been able to educate them on why it's so important to follow the government's guidance to stay home, save lives and protect our NHS.

"Make no mistake, we will use enforcement and issue fines if we have to, but at the moment, our communities in Northamptonshire have been fantastic in their resilience to respond to such an unprecedented situation. Though there will always be people who will break the rules, and we will deal with them, it's heart-warming to know that the majority support us."

To enforce social distancing, people in Northamptonshire are being asked to stay at home and only go outside if they have a 'reasonable excuse'. These include shopping for necessary food, household and medical supplies, travelling to and from work where working from home is not an option, and daily exercise that adheres to social distancing guidance. Full details of the measures are available:

Northamptonshire Police can issue penalty notices of £30, rising to £60 if not paid within 28 days, where they have reason to believe there has been an offence under the regulations. These penalties are doubled for each repeat offence up to a £960 cap, with no reduction for early payment. Due to the exceptional nature of these powers, the regulations will be reviewed at least every 21 days to ensure they are still necessary.


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Decorate Your Windows WEEK TWO!

Decorate Your Windows WEEK TWO!

Posted: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 16:00 by Sarah Percival

Following on from rainbows to decorate your windows at home, this week's theme is SUNSHINE!

Be as creative as you like! Send us your pictures via email at for your chance to appear on our website or share them via the comments box on our Facebook post! More »

We look forward to seeing them all!

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Covid19 Info

Posted: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 10:12 by Sarah Percival

Your local Neighbourhood Policing teams will be out and about in Northampton, as always today.

Please ensure you stay at home and reflect the current government guidelines. Powers are now in force to fine people not adhering to the rules More »

Stay at home, Unless:

- you are shopping for basics, for example food and medicine. But please remember only ONE adult member should go out to do this. Unless circumstances apply, i.e where you cannot leave your child(ren) home alone

- taking exercise - alone or with members of YOUR household.

- travelling to work purposes, but only if you cannot work from home.

You should Stop all public gatherings of more than two people, unless:

- you live together in the same household

- the gatherings are essential for work purposes, but you MUST enforce the 2 metre social distancing rule

Stop all social events:

- including weddings, baptisms, and other religious ceremonies.
- Funerals to be attended by immediate family only.

If you need to leave your property please reflect the social distancing measures, keeping a safe distance from one another at all times, of 2 metres.

Many thanks and stay safe.

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