Connecting the Community

Duston Parks and Play Areas

Errington Park (8.04 Acres, Ryeland Road, NN5 6XN)

Mendip Park (3.80 Acres, Mendip Road, NN5 6BA)

Grafton Park (1 Acres, Grafton Way, NN5 6NG)

St Luke's Field (Melbourne Lane, NN5 6HS)

Triumph Gardens Park (1.92 Acres, Triumph Gardens, NN5 6YH)

Sam Harrison Way Open Space (Sam Harrison Way, NN5 6UN)

The Quarry (1.93 Acres, Duston Wildes, NN5 6ND)

Newton Road Open Space (1.41 Acres, Newton Road, NN5 6TL)

Hardlands Road Open Space (1.98 Acres, Hardlands Road, NN5 6PN)

Westbury Close Open Space (0.31 Acres, Westbury Close, NN5 6AN)

Smaller Areas of Public Open Space in Duston

Aquitaine Close 0.37 Acres

Beaune Close 0.4 Acres

Bramhall Rise 2.17 Acres

Brockwood Close Open Space 0.49 Acres

Cheddar Close 0.21 Acres

Clipston Way 0.57 Acres

Kenilworth Close 0.09 Acres

Rochelle Way 1.61 Acres

Sandy Lane Open Space 2.89 Acres

The Weggs Farm Road 0.79 Acres

Timken Way North

Alfred Knight Close / Timken Gates

Telstar Way / Poppyfields

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