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Electoral wards review for West Northamptonshire Council

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGCBE) is currently reviewing the electoral wards for West Northamptonshire Council. Part of the review is recommending that the total number of ward councillors is reduced from 93 to 76.

The LGBCE is also recommending that there is just one ward that has matches the parish boundary. The proposed ward would have 3 councillors. Currently there is Duston East and Duston West but these wards include areas that are outside of the parish boundary. Duston East includes the area south of Bants Lane which is St James. Duston West includes the area of St Crispin which is Upton.

Duston Parish Council believes having one ward which covers just the whole parish is a welcome move. The LCGBE have as much as possible based their ward boundaries on civil parish boundaries.

Posted: Sun, 09 Apr 2023 17:19 by Gary Youens

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