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Budget & Precept 2023/24

Recently Duston Parish Council agreed its budget and precept for 2023/24. Some background context to the economic situation this Council is in and how it is preparing for the future to ensure our community is served better.

Rising energy and utility costs are by far the most significant challenge for Duston Parish Council as we run and maintain two community centres. Both Duston Community Centre and St Luke's Centres continue to be a great resource as we provide very competitive rates for local community groups who might not otherwise be able to hold their various activities and events. St Luke's Centre presents a significant challenge due to the age building and there are limitations on what can be done due to its location inside the village planning conservation area. This past year we had a budget for St Luke's Centre at £12,500 for gas and electric. This next financial year we have had to budget for £40,000.

Another pressure is Environmental Services. Currently ownership of remaining parks and allotments are being transferred from West Northamptonshire Council to Duston Parish Council. Both West Northamptonshire Council and Duston Parish Council have agreed these parks and allotment sites are better served by being in the hands and control of local people. West Northamptonshire Council is a very large organisation with priorities such as social care, school admissions and strategic infrastructure. Local parks and allotments, we believe, will never get the attention they deserve if they were to remain with West Northamptonshire Council. Duston Parish Council has also taken the view that parks and allotments are better protected in local ownership from potential future housing development. We have a loss in recent years of vital green space as more development has been waved through despite strong local objections. West Northamptonshire Council will though continue to maintain the parks and allotments until their contract with Veolia expires in 2028. With this mind Duston Parish Council is now starting to build up a contingency fund so there is not a drastic rise in the precept in 2028/29 and there can be a smooth transition.

Duston Parish Council is also soon to be taking on the public open space at the new build development in Telstar Way (known as "Duston Gardens"). Telstar Way Open Space along Bants Lane is a key gateway into Duston and we want to ensure it is well maintained for all Duston residents to be proud as they enter the Parish.

Inflation has in recently been in double digits but Duston Parish Council wants to continue to provide the services we have recently being doing. A summary of our services can be found here –

As Duston is engulfed by housing development the Parish Council is always working hard to ensure that is retains is strong identity, sense of community and remains a great place to live, work and play.

More detailed financial information can be found here –

For a Band D property the precept rise is £11.18 per year. Which approximately is £0.22p increase a week.

Posted: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 10:06 by Gary Youens

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