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Health & Wellbeing 2022

Duston Parish Council is delighted to continue to work in association with St Luke's Patient Participation Group in 2022. We will be continuing with our monthly talks both virtually and in person, with a different focus each month there really is something for all. We continue to enjoy the support of consultants from Three Shires Hospital and Genesis Homecare speaking on a range of topics and are very grateful for the time they give up for you to enjoy these FREE of charge.

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Coming Up Next !

Due to reasons beyond our control, We are very sorry to have to cancel this event with such short notice.

We are busy working on a programme of talks for 2023, so please do keep checking back for more information.

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Three Shires Health Talks

Please find below a series of Health Talks hosted by Three Shires Hospital.

These are open to anyone who wishes to join which you can do simply by clicking the link to register your FREE place

Weds 12/10 - Orthopaedics

Ask a surgeon - your questions on hip and knee pain
Pierre Nasr

Thurs 27/10 - 6-7 Ophthalmology
Cataract Surgery
Mr McMullan

Action for Happiness Calendar


Everyone living in Northamptonshire can now access and use the Feeling Good App. It's a simple mental skills training programme, teaching you how to calm your mind and develop a positive mindset. It enables greater emotional resilience to deal more effectively with the challenges of everyday life

Feeling Good contains a safe, effective, and non-stigmatising programme, Positive Mental Training. This is widely used within the NHS for increasing wellbeing and recovery from stress, anxiety, and depression. It is derived from Olympic sports psychology and takes you through a set of 12 physical and mental exercises.

Dr David Smart, Clinical Director of the General Practice Alliance, a GP Federation that leads in the transformation of equitable healthcare in Northampton uses the App. Dr Smart says:

'No matter what level of support you need, the App provides an excellent way to help manage your stress, anxiety or general feelings of being a bit burnt out. They are just one of the ways that the General Practice Alliance are committed to supporting happy, healthy communities in Northampton, and now, with Feeling Good, right across Northamptonshire. I urge you to give it a try – we all deserve to Feel Good!


There are 5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing

If you give these a try, you may feel happier, more positive and able to get more from life.

We will be adding opportunities and pop up events throughout the year and we'd love you to join us.


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