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There are 5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing

If you give these a try, you may feel happier, more positive and able to get more from life.

We will be adding opportunities and pop events throughout the year and we'd love you to join us.

1 Connect !

Duston Parish Council are delighted to continue to work in association with St Luke's Patient Participation Group in 2020. We will be continuing with our monthly pop up sessions with a different focus each month. New for 2020 will be topics such as Living with Parkinson's, Joint Pain, Menopause, How to Stop Smoking and Tips for Healthy Living. These are just some of the sessions planned and we'd love you to let us know what you'd like to see.

You will also be able to find out more about volunteering opportunities for both St Luke's Participation Group and at our centres plus what's going on in Duston.

Coming Up Next !

We are looking to bring you the next Wellbeing Pop Up virtually but we need to gauge interest to make it worthwhile for the consultants who give their valuable time freely.

Please contact Sarah on events@duston-pc.gov.uk or 583626 to let us know if you would be interested in joining us via a virtual communication platform


19th March Living with Joint Pain; Knees & Hips

Community Info & Wellness Fair 28th March 2020

  • CIWF (PDF, 141 Kb)

    Click to view

Please join us for our second Health & Wellbeing Information Event

Over 25 stalls offering products, free advice and info on services :

Utility Warehouse Discount Club I Youth Inspired I The Grow Together Allotment I Duston Sports Centre I Northamptonshire Fire Service I Heal Your Life I Cancer Research & Race For Life I Community Law Service I Age UK I Men's Sheds I Northamptonshire Police I Neighbourhood Watch I Forever Living I Deaf Connect I NAB Sight Support I Northamptonshire Carers I Neals Yard Remedies I Northampton Prostate Cancer Support Group I Time for me Body Shop I Supporting Independence Programme I Northampton Community Transport I St Luke's Patient Participation Group I Weight Watchers I Inspired Cartoons I Tina Clare Crystal Healing I Trilogy I Lee Stratford Reiki Treatments I

Find out more about groups you can join

Find out how you can get more involved as a volunteer in the community

More info on our events and initiatives for 2020

There will be free health checks, reflexology, meditation and reiki tasters bookable on the day or you can pre-book by calling Sarah on 01604 379496

Free Entry

Visit our website or follow us on Facebook for latest info

19th February - Living a Healthy Lifestyle

17 October - Living with Food Allergies

21 November - Living with Skin conditions

Macmillan Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who attended or baked a cake

Together we raised a fabulous £150

Great job

  • Mac (PDF, 302 Kb)

    Click above to view document

How to Stop Smoking

During this 90 minute workshop, Kim will cover;

  • Your current barriers & how to overcome them
  • Is Smoking an addiction? - How to change your habit
  • Improving your daily mind set to stay smoke free

Tickets are only £5 including refreshments

Living with Arthritis

Join us for this FREE session to get tips and advice about Living with Arthritis.

There will be an opportunity to talk after the 30 minute presentation that starts at 1.30pm. To register your FREE place on this informative session call us at the office 01604 583626 or email Alison - bcdm@duston-pc.gov.uk

Click on the link below for full info

  • Arthritis (PDF, 508 Kb)

    Living with Arthritis

Dementia Friends Session

Join us for this FREE interactive session to learn how dementia affects a person and what you can do to make a difference. Register your FREE place on this informative session by calling Allison Purkiss 07835 772046 allison.purkiss@oakdalecaregroup.com

OR Alison Grantham 01604 583626 bcdm@duston-pc.gov.uk

Click on the link below for full info

Health & Wellbeing Information Day 30th March 2019

Duston Community Centre 10 - 1pm

Please join us for our first Health & Wellbeing Information Day

Over 25 stalls offering products, free advice and info on services :

Utility Warehouse Discount Club I Youth Inspired I The Grow Together Allotment I Duston Sports Centre I Parental Support I Free NHS Health Checks I Royal British Legion Veteran & Handyman Services I Neal's Yard Remedies I Hypnotherapy Tasters I Studio 53 I Neighbourhood Watch I Heal Your Life Northampton I NAB I MHA Live at Home I St Francis' Wellbeing Café I Deafconnect I Favell Day Services I Weight-Watchers I Free kids activities I Cancer Research I St Luke's Patient Participation Group I Northants Police I Age UK I Happy at Home

Find out more about groups you can join

Find out how you can get more involved as a volunteer in the community

More info on our events and initiatives for 2019

We are offering free NHS Health Checks - to see if you qualify and book your place, please contact Chris Patching 01604 838088

Sarah from Heal Your Life, Northampton will be offering 2 FREE sessions on the day (11am and 12 noon)

Sarah will guide you through a selection of tasters in Improving Positivity, Learning to live in the Here and Now, Relaxation and Affirmation techniques.

Please contact Sarah to reserve your space on : 07808 520566 or sarah.hyl@outlook.com or contact Alison 01604 583626

Free Entry

Visit our website or follow us on Facebook for latest info

Thanks to all who supported our first event

''useful event, children enjoyed planting seeds to take home''

''good to have the local police on hand''

''very informative and useful''

''great to be able to help with crisp packet recycling''

''positive reaction from public. lovely premises''

''pleased with the event, public attendance good''

'' great opportunity to give out leaflets and meet other organisations''

'' a very positive day''

''lots of interest from stall holders and general public''

''good opportunity to link with other organisations''

''excellent - great networking opportunities'' ''Good facilities and access''

''one of the better events that we have been to, please invite us again''

''very successful event, lots of interest in our services and good for networking''

''thank you for having me, I have attended a lot of events and this was one of the best''

''nice venue, supportive stallholders and found services to benefit myself, would love to attend future events''

''young people engaged well with activities, allowing parents to browse stalls''

''the event was well organised''

''Well planned. Efficient & helpful Staff''

2 Be Active!

30-60 minutes moderate walk

Multi Sport and games programme for Year 6's

3 Keep Learning !

Join a group - Get involved - Learn a new skill

  • WO 05 (PDF, 133 Kb)

    Click to view document

4 Give to Others !

Volunteer with DPC

There are lots of ways you can join us to volunteer

The Grow Together Allotment - more dates on The Grow Together Allotment page

Community Planting - more dates to be announced throughout the year

Bloom 2020 - More info coming soon

Help at our pop up events

We'd love to hear from you

Come and have a coffee and a chat with Alison

Other volunteer opportunities in the community

Help a child to read

Be a 50+ buddy at Duston Sports Centre

5 Be Mindful !

12 Ways to Love Yourself workshop

Join Sarah for this informative and healing workshop during which you will explore techniques and tools to improve positivity, eliminate negative thinking, replace criticism with self approval and much more.

The cost of this pop up session is £30 but you can take advantage of the £25 Early bird offer by booking with Sarah before 20th April.

Click on the link below for full details and booking info

Being more aware of the present moment, your thoughts and feelings, your body and the world around you,(mindfulness), contributes significantly to your own wellbeing. Being in a nice, warm, safe environment as well as being aware and caring about the environment around us helps us to be more positive. We can all do our bit to help improve things.

Why not do your bit by helping us with The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme.

Help us to help the environment by recycling your crisp packets. You can drop them off at our centres and we will do the rest. You can also set up a box at your local school, church, village hall etc and then bring them to us to send off.

Instead of ending up in landfill or worse, they will be recycled into shiny new things and for every KG that we send we receive points that can be converted into cash for local schools and charities. Want to know more? please contact us

You have truly taken up the challenge!

As well as lots of you collecting individually our local uniformed youth groups are holding competitions

11th Northampton Boys' Brigade and the Girl Guides, Rangers, Brownies, Scouts, Beavers, Cubs & Explorers have amassed some staggering amounts.

We have sent off 206 kg's so far, that's about 103,000 snack packets and we have almost as much again that need to be checked ready for sending off.

How fabulous that these are not going into landfill where they can sit, without changing structure and still look the same after 40 years!

The packets will be pelleted and made into composite benches and fenceposts and what's more, the company will give us £2 per kilo to donate to a local charity

Please contact us if you can spare half an hour to come and help sort

Here are some more initiatives coming soon:

Look out for dates of more pop up events;

  • Community Litter Picks
  • Autumn Bulb Planting
  • Health & Wellbeing Information Days
  • Health & History Walks
  • Crafts, Music & Games Sessions
  • Intergenerational Skill Swap Sessions
  • Bloom 2020