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Clerk: Mr Justin Gleich
Duston Community Centre
Pendle Road, Duston
Northamptonshire NN5 6DT

Tel: 01604 583626

Directory - Places of Worship

Places of Worship

Societies, Clubs and Businesses providing activities and services within the Parish.

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Duston Chapel House of Prayer

Tel: 01604 555126 / Email: prayer@godshouse.org.uk / Website: http://www.godshouse.org.uk

Address: 286A Main Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6NJ

Categories: Places of Worship

Duston United Reformed Church

Tel: 01604 752946 / Email: wendy.lovell@sky.com / Website: http://dustonurc.org.uk

Address: Main Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6JB

Categories: Places of Worship

St Andrew's Methodist Church

Tel: 01604 759302 / Website: http://www.standrewsmethodist.org.uk

Address: Harlestone Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6AB

Categories: Places of Worship

St Francis Church

Tel: 01604 590419 / Email: office@dustonanduptonparish.org.uk / Website: https://www.achurchnearyou.com

Address: The Parish Office, Eastfield Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6TQ

Categories: Places of Worship

St Luke's Church

Tel: 01604 902488 / Website: https://www.achurchnearyou.com

Address: Church Way, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6JB

Categories: Places of Worship

St Patrick's Church

Tel: 01604 751071

Address: 28 Peveril Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6JW

Categories: Places of Worship

St. Neophytos Church

Website: http://www.argyrou.eclipse.co.uk

Address: St Crispin's Drive, Duston, Northampton, NN5 4UN

Categories: Places of Worship